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Tree Removal in Adelaide

Experience tree surgery excellence

You should never underestimate the potential damage that can be caused by trees. At CTL Services – Complete Tree Lopping, we understand that trees are vital to the health of the environment and do all we can to save them. We support our clients in the decision of keeping or removal trees, identifying concerns to make the decision process easier.

With nearly 30 years of experience in the industry, we provide a safe and professional approach to all aspects of your domestic and commercial tree surgery and tree removal needs. All CTL Services – Complete Tree Lopping arborists care about your trees’ long term health.

At CTL Services – Complete Tree Lopping, our team of arborists are professional tree surgeons providing tree removal and tree surgery services across Adelaide and the surrounding areas.

As leaders in tree removal, surgery and maintenance, we aim to exceed all our client’s expectations. With that in mind, we’re proud to deliver quality tree surgery services, 24 hours a day.

We treat trees with respect

Our friendly team undergo continual training and development so we are all up to date with industry standards and the latest equipment. Whether your trees are an asset or liability to your residential or commercial property, we treat each tree with respect. Our qualified arborists can recognise symptoms of decay, disease, storm damage, rot and potential hazards to you and your property.

Regulations for Tree removal in Adelaide

Trees that are regulated, significant or protected will require some assessment and usually council approval before they can be removed. It is important to be aware that new changes were put in place from November 24th 2011, and so a familiarity of these new regulations is essential. Generally speaking, a regulated tree is one that has a trunk circumference of two metres or above, measured at a metre from the ground. A significant tree is one which has a trunk circumference of three metres or above, measured at the same height. There are special ways of measuring trees with multiple trunks, and there exist exceptions for certain species or trees in certain locations. If you are unsure whether your tree falls into one of these categories, request a professional assessment from our team.

Tree Removal Cost in Adelaide

It’s easy to think that taking care of a tree stump or pruning trees is something that can be taken care of at home, but as an increasing number of homeowners discover, it is not as easy at it seems. The cost of tree surgery varies dramatically according to the size of tree, ease of access and the species of tree. In certain circumstances it may be necessary to hire additional equipment in order to complete a tree removal safely. For example a tree may be dangerously close to a road or power lines. We may need to hire in a mobile crane or cherry picker This will obviously affect the price. Please contact Bruno from CTL Services for free Tree Removal quote in Adelaide .

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