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Tree Pruning Experts in Adelaide 

At CTL Services – Complete Tree Lopping, we have a friendly team of tree surgeons who carry out tree pruning and lopping across Adelaide, Adelaide Hills and the surrounds. We offer long term tree care solutions at your residential and commercial properties to keep your trees attractive, safe and healthy.

Tree lopping

We recommend that your trees are pruned and lopped regularly to prevent the risk of falling branches. Before we take any action, our arborists will carefully assess your tree in relation to its shape, size, condition, site and species of tree.

When undertaking any lopping, all final cuts (including dead, diseased or damaged branches) will be made at the branch collar, with the branch collar remaining intact. Rest assured that we will not make flush cuts under any circumstances.

Using ropes and slings, we will carefully lower all large limbs, avoiding damage to the tree and its surroundings. All sections falls will be confused in a controlled manner.

Where there are crossed rubbing branches, they will be carefully assessed before being pruned or removed appropriately, all the while ensuring that a reasonable overall shape is kept.

Tree pruning

Tree pruning may be required for a number of reasons:

  • Interference with wires, building, gutters, roofs, chimney, windows, trees or sidewalks
  • Dead or weak limbs pose a hazard or may lead to decay
  • Limbs may be diseased or infected with insects
  • Lessen wind resistance and reduce the potential for storm damage
  • Desire for increased light penetration
  • Thinning the crown in order to promote air circulation and deter the spread of pathogens, allowing new growth
  • To reduce the height of a tree or raise the canopy
  • To treat young trees
  • Improve overall shape or silhouette

Please note that no more than 25% of foliage should be removed at any one time.

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