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Prompt and Affordable Stump Removal Adelaide 

At CTL Services – Complete Tree Removal Adelaide, our specialist team can help with stump removal on your properties across Adelaide and the surrounds. We will remove all signs of your existing stumps, leaving you with a damage-free and clean area.

Efficient stump grinding and removal services

Our stump removal services include complete removal of your stumps and any ground roots of the tree. Stumps and roots can easily be removed by using hand tools or a stump grinder where necessary. Stump grinding involves the removal of a stump to a specified depth, generally between 150m and 300m.

Once the stump removal process is completed, we back-fill the remaining hole with soil or grinding waste to leave a level, hazard free surface. Let us know if you wish to keep the remaining stump chippings for mulching.

If you need any advice about your tree’s health or any of our excellent services, please get in touch to arrange an on-site consultation.

Stump Removal Cost

There are two ways to dispose of dead tree stump: removing the stump completely or grinding it to the ground. While grinding is a straightforward – and cheaper – process, complete stump removal can eliminate the tree’s elaborate root system, which exists underground and out of view. 

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